11 Amazing Uses of Baking Soda: Miraculous Healing and Cleansing

12 Feb

Researches have actually revealed that baking soda and lemon juice could be a miraculous mix as it has the possible to eliminate the cancer cells.

One of the largest suppliers of drugs, states that after 20 lab tests performed since 1970, they have proved that: Lemon remedies cancer cells as it destroys cancer causing cells in 12 kinds of cancers cells.

Lemon prevents the spread of carcinogenic cells as well as has 10,000 times more powerful result than medications like Adriamycin, chemotherapy and narcotic products.

This is only one of many benefits of Baking Soda. Watch video clip below to find out ¬†“11 Amazing Uses of Baking Soda: Miraculous Healing and Cleansing”

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