TOP 10 Natural Ways To Relieve Toothache

25 Jul

TOP 10 Natural Ways To Relieve Toothache

Any individual who has ever had the misfortune of a tooth pain recognizes that it is not just your mouth that hurts, it’s the whole body. The Discomforts from toothache could be felt in practically every component of your body and a lot even worse when pregnant. the good news is, there are a number of ideas for instantaneous discomfort relief for tooth pain

I have had a couple of so bad that they made me sick to my belly from the discomforts alone. If You are struggling with toothache, please don’t wait to get it cared for!

You Must take instant actions to eliminate your body of that pain. I was lucky this time around that it had not caused me much discomfort as well as have not begun to spread to my other teeth.

Home remedies for toothache

Apply the below remedies directly to both the problem tooth and surrounding gums unless otherwise directed. For the ingredients that you are directed to chew, or for liquids that are to be swished around or inside the mouth, try to apply as much of the liquid on and around the sore tooth as much as possible to ease tooth pain.

You should not swallow these remedies, You must take utmost care with these home remedies.Take precaution to only rinse and spit them out after usage.

1. Pepper and Salt

pepper-386934_640Salt mixed with pepper can be of great use when a tooth becomes extremely sensitive as both the ingredients have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

  1. Mix equal amounts of pepper and common salt with a few drops of water to form a paste.
  2. Apply the paste directly on the affected tooth and allow it to sit for a few minutes.
  3. Do this daily for several days.

2. Garlic

garlic-1144921_640Use of garlic can also provide immense relief from toothache. Garlic has antibiotic and other medicinal properties that can be very effective in reducing the pain.

  1. Mix a crushed garlic clove (or garlic powder) with some table salt or black salt and apply it directly on the affected tooth to alleviate the pain. If you prefer, you can chew one or two cloves of garlic to get relief.
  2. Repeat this natural treatment for a few days.

3. Cloves

clove-1326474_640Cloves have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anesthetic properties that help alleviate tooth pain and fight infection.

tooth pain cure using cloves

  1. Grind two whole cloves. Mix in a little olive oil or any vegetable oil and apply on the affected tooth.
  2. Another option is to dab a cotton ball in clove oil and rub it directly on the sore tooth. Or, you can mix a few drops of clove oil in half a glass of water and use it as a mouth rinse.

4. Onion

onions-1228362_640Onions have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that control a toothache. It can provide relief from pain by killing the germs causing an infection.

onion remedy for tooth pain

  1. At the first sign of a toothache, chew raw onion for a few minutes to relieve the pain.
  2. If you are not able to chew it, place a piece of raw onion directly on the bad tooth or gum.

5. Asafetida

asafetidaDental problems such as toothaches and bleeding gums can be treated at home with the use of asafetida.

  1. Simply add a pinch or one-half teaspoon of powdered asafetida to two teaspoons of lemon juice and then warm it slightly.
  2. Use a cotton pad to apply the solution on the affected area.

This will give you quick relief from the pain.
Alternatively, asafetida fried in clarified butter can be put in the tooth cavity for instant relief.


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